Meditation Group


A Christian meditation community 
grounded in God’s love, based on the Word, welcoming all people.

CURRENTLY, WE ARE NOT MEETING AT A LOCAL CHURCH.            I'm sorry. When we are again, I'll post the location information.

Who are we? 
Contemplative Christian Communities (CCC) is a Christian meditation group, which was founded in Fullerton about 24 years ago.  The group meets weekly in a local sanctuary for prayer, support, and community.

What do we do? 
The meditation methods we use are based on traditional Christian methods, and all people who seek a quiet space to meditate with others on a regular basis are welcome.  We encourage and assist members to find and use the Christian meditation method most effective for them.  Instructional classes are given when necessary or requested.

Each evening begins and ends with prayer, with two twenty-minute meditation periods, and a slow, meditative walk in between.  There is a talk or a reading, and a discussion/sharing period afterwards.

         What kinds of meditation are practiced? 
All kinds of Christian meditation practices are used, like the Jesus Prayer and Centering Prayer. You can use what you are comfortable with, and we will help you learn others, if you like. Two one-day retreats are given per year, and meditators from Orange County gather together to pray, learn, share a meal, and experience God’s love in a meditating community. 

Need more information about this meditation group?  Call Lynne Prechel at 
714-721-8740 or email her at:

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